Friday, 9 October 2015

Redang Pelangi Resort

Quite recently, I went on a trip with my sister and mother to Redang so that we could learn diving. Well, my mother did not want to learn the diving so it was actually just my sister and I.


We flew over from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) to Kuala Terengganu Airport and from there, we had land transfer to the jetty. At the jetty, a boat took us over to Redang island. It took about 30-45 minutes, I am unable to give you an exact timing as I was completely distracted and talking to my sister non stop.

Upon arrival, we check-ed into the resort and then my sister and I had to quickly go to the Dive Centre to sort out our schedules.

The two of us had very different schedules from the "regular" Pelangi customer as we had a very busy schedule with diving.

The standard package with Pelangi includes 4 meals : breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. There is also a constant flow of cold water, hot drinks (tea and coffee) and biscuits. Bread is available from breakfast until tea time as well.
PADI Diving

As part of the package, Pelangi offers boat trips to different snorkelling sites. Customers are required to rent the masks and snorkels (RM10) as well as the life jacket (RM10) but you can use it for the entire duration of your stay, however long it may be. My mother opted not to do this as she had a bit of an injury.

My sister and I did not take advantage of any snorkelling because we were pretty busy with our dive lessons and classes.

We did really enjoy our rooms, please note that they are pretty basic : clean, comfortable and basic. This is not a luxury resort but when you are spending more time outside than inside, I tend to go for a more budget friendly hotel.

The food was good, especially lunches and teas, they tend to be the best meals of the day. I have heard from some other customers that Pelangi actually provides one of the best tasting meals on the island! Impressive, considering that they have to import everything, including water from the mainland.

I have enjoyed my stay at Redang Pelangi Resort and can see nothing to fault at all, and the Dive Centre gets all the rave and recommendation. I was trained under Ah Hann (in case anyone is interested in learning diving) and highly recommend his impeccable training.

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