Friday, 16 October 2015

Lake Garda

A lot of people have heard of Lake Como because it is where celebrities frequent, but a lesser known spot is the beautiful Lake Garda.

There's mountains and there's lake water, what else could you possible ask for?

We went in early May so the weather was still quite cool, but it did not stop us from wearing shorts! Most of the locals were still in jackets but the weather was actually warm enough for shorts if you normally live in London! (I'm sure people from Scotland could be topless already)

Some days however, a cardigan was needed and the lake water was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING.

I liked how we just walked along the bank of the lake and did a little discovery as we went along.

Here's the boy and I, sunglasses were a good idea on my part as you can see him properly squinting! It was not sunny, but it sure was bright!

I thought a picture showing you the lake would be better.

Everyday, we helped ourselves to ice cream. Some days we have 2, each.

The hair quickly got a little crazy, but it did not stop me from enjoying my time. I was also determined to put my feet into the water wherever we were, so I have this handy little towel along with me.

We also picked the boy up some sunglasses, which was handy as this was a particularly sunny day!

You can't visit Italy and not have pizza, so we tucked into one each, and swapped halfway through (to get the best of both worlds!)

After the pizza, we had the "main meal". This gelato was so freaking big and it was only 2 scoops. Gelato every single day!

And then off we went on the boat, which is the fastest and easiest method of transport across the lake rather than going around it by land transport.

The place is really picturesque and the boat rides (if you are not prone to getting seasick) are very enjoyable. The ride is quite steady and there is no real rocking as the boat is quite big.

I quickly fell into a slumber as the boat gently rocked.

However I soon realised that Will was taking sneaky pictures of me and woke up!

Here's the boat in the background just so you have an idea.

 Although there is a big queue, the boat can take a lot of passengers so we were not worried and still taking pictures!

It can get really cold on the upper deck, so despite the beautiful view, we quickly sought shelter.

Luckily enough there were seats right at the front so we still had a view!

 Some days were sort of grey, but there is a sort of beauty to that as well.

On another day, we went to a different town around the lake (there are so many for you to choose)

There is a sort of tranquility around the place as well.

If you do not mind it being slightly cooler, I think that just pre-summer is a lovely time to go for more peace and privacy.

 Such pros at taking pictures... we are not.

"If I put my sunglasses on, I'll look more pro"

The scenery is so beautiful that even if you simply snapped (like we did!) you will still get half decent pictures!

We also played many games of "Simon Says" and "I Spy With My Little Eye"

When we finally got back to the lakeside of our hotel, we decided that a selfie was needed.

It was a sunnier day so we managed to catch the sunset as Will tried to teach me how to skim rocks. I was useless at it.

We also had some company.

But mainly we had this lovely, lovely view.

The next day we decided to go up a mountain.

Mountains are more of Will's things than they are mine. I belong near water, he belongs up in the mountains. Maybe Lake Garda will be a balance of both and we should move there!

 It really is just stunning, and the clouds were quite mysterious.

 I won't lie, we took the cable car up as I did not feel up to climbing.

It is chilly, and we were the only crazy people in shorts. My pink wool jumper kept me pretty warm though!

 This boy claimed to not be cold. I don't really believe him.. I think he was trying to be cool.

The other reason we went up the mountain was to watch the paragliding.

It was quite stunning how people just ran for the cliffs....

and the next thing you know, they're just gliding!

We were hoping to do it but timing was a little tight so we have put it on the "to-do-next-time" list.

However we certainly stayed to watch a few people "take off".

If you look carefully enough, you can just about see the waters through the clouds.

Here's the last of these paragliders.

Look at him running for the cliffs!

And then it was "lean back on the chair" and just cruising along.

I actually had a really lovely time up in the mountain.

My highlight may have been meeting this fella.....

Or the ice cream we had after!

Now if you were interested in going to Lake Garda, I would say not to hesitate and to just take the plunge! It is a stunning place and somewhere we both thoroughly enjoyed.

If you think it has been all fun and giggles, stay tune for the prelude to this epic adventure, where everything that can go wrong, all goes wrong.

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